Life Design

RNT Communications provides a 15 step program focused on personal development and self-actualization. These strategies are based on neuro-alchemy and metaphysics and are centered around the Greek principle of Metanoia, which is the application of self-awareness practices for optimal living. You will be educated on the interconnection that lies between the body, the mind and the spirit affecting behavioural change and the overall well-being of the human psyche.

Objectives for the Individual:

To act as a guide towards the cycle of self-actualisation.

To educate on the relationship between the mind, body and spirit.

To assist in minimising the internal conflict that often debilitates people.

To help others win. Your growth is our growth.


Who AM I? An in-depth exploration of your ancestry and genetic code. Your ideas about your self and awareness of your perceptions.


Exploring the paths chosen, choices made and linking them to your current reality.


Truly understanding your value system and how make your life align to how you want to live.


The power of belief your systems and how to use them to aid you in your transformation.


Making the new decisions to old daily problems that will ultimately transform your life.


The ability to look back periodically from the life you once lived to what it is now and adjusting accordingly.