The Organisation

RNT Communications brings to the playing field customised communications strategies and coaching solutions that encompass empowerment, diversity and social integration. In conjunction with our strategic partners, we can tailor-make solutions surrounding your brand and create strategies for several business aspects such as:

Internal and external communication strategy

PR and media campaigns 

Corporate identity system(s)

Branding and design solutions

Objectives for the Organisation:

Educate the client on the importance of effective internal and external communication.

Establish the correct representation of the brand to the correct target audience.

Ensure that the ‘look and feel’ of the organisation is aligned to who and what the company is.

Design effective and measurable communication strategies that attract and increase the target audience


Business Diagnostic & Assessment of Internal Communications Systems

Review of all the existing materials and a comprehensive feedback with strategy.

Brand Strategy

Define target audience; Message development: Culture & identity; Internal operations.

Creative Design & External Communications Systems

Corporate identity system; Website; Content Marketing (PR, Sales tool kit, Email campaigns, Branded promotional products, Social Media)

Execution & Implementation

Production and Media strategy, Brand Re-launch

Measurement & Analysis

Brand asset management, subject to 6, 12 and 18 months review